Languages in Afghanistan and Southern Pashto are the two National statutory languages of Afghanistan, with the constitution also refering to official status of Uzbeki, Turkmani, Pachaie, Nuristani, Baluchi and Pamiri languages in places where they are in the majority. There are many other languages traditionally spoken in the region along with other languages from countries near and far.

Your Afghan neighbours might speak several languages. God can speak through any language but be more welcome in some than others

Resources are available on a range of websites. New Neighbour helps to bring those links into one place and include online written, audio and video scriptures along with other key resources. provides links to Scripture, movies, worship songs, books, TV and radio in Dari and Pashto in range of formats including apps for smartphones and simpler feature phones and links to Christian Radio and TV.

There is a translation of the Jesus Film in Hazaragi and the Book of Proverbs


Find.Bible  identifies scripture resources in 34 of 41 languages and dialects native to or known to be spoken in Afghanistan.

Afghan Persian Kirghiz Shumashti
Ashkun Munji Southeast Pashai
Brahui Northeast Pashai Southern Pashto
Domari Northern Pashto Southern Uzbek
Gawar-Bati Northwest Pashai Southwest Pashai
Grangali Ormuri Tajiki Arabic
Gujari Parachi Tirahi
Hazaragi Prasuni Turkmen
Ishkashimi Sanglechi Waigali
Kamviri Savi Wakhi
Kati Shughni Western Balochi

Many of these are short recordings made by Gospel Recordings International (GRN) in the 1970’s . GRN welcomes feedback on both new and older recordings.  has resources in 12 languages known to be spoken in Afghanistan

Turkmen Brahui
Kyrgyz Samarkand-Tajik
Dari Uzbek, Southern
Pashto, Northern Hazaragi
Uyghur Balochi, Western
Afghan Pashto, Eastern Pashayi, Northeast

The Savior is another recent movie based on the gospels and available in Dari and Pashto