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Welcome to the New Neighbour Bible website.

The purpose of this website is to provide information for Christians living in Europe about the languages spoken by the people we see arriving in our countries from other nations, and to give links to any Bibles or Bible stories that are available in those languages. These include videos and audio recordings, as well as text resources. Almost everything is available online and free of charge.

We started with information on people and languages from Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon, then added information on four North African countries (Morroco, Algeria, Tunisea, Algeria), followed by Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran. From these ten countries we include information on almost fifty languages.

While a number of agencies attempt to track the country of origin of people as they move around the world, there is little in the way of current migration data on languages used. How many of those fifty languages are currently being spoken in each of the cities of Europe? Nobody knows, but God hears. We hope that churches can extend a welcome to all.

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